Who is the SAFER Toolkit for?

Business leaders can work with our team to identify risk, in order to build a mitigation plan. Reducing risk from respiratory infectious diseases may lower absenteeism (by as much as 20%) and reduce business interruption. Developing a clear path to mitigation helps companies to know how to carry out their duty to care for their employees and those who visit their businesses.

What is a Risk Self-Assessment?

• identify threats and vulnerabilities so that the assessment results are confidential to the business

• avert the usual pressure on businesses’ time, money, and resources

• provide occupational and  risk professionals the means to easily identify their infectious disease vulnerabilities – and to tackle them head-on

What does a SAFER assessment entail?

The Safer Assessment allows companies to identify risk from infectious disease within offices and across different groups. 

How Does it Work?

We begin by listening. The team sends out a survey where employees can anonymously share areas of concern or strength that the company has in relation to infection risk. 

We can arrange to visit your sites (as needed) to assess risk form our our perspective.

Next, the sites are assessed for risk by a staff leader (insider). The SAFER self-assessment targets seven core infection control categories, using a range of themed questions. These questions are  specifically created by public health specialists to evaluate vulnerabilities to infectious disease risk within the operations of the company. Every assessment is unique as it incorporates the information provided by the employees.

Based on the results, our team can recommend a changes or training modules as a part of a detailed report & summary.