Who we are:

We are a Public Health company, passionate about keeping communities and organizations healthy and safe

Stirling Public Health staff have extensive experience in promoting health and wellness. Collectively and as a team, since 2003, we have lead projects that included: infectious disease and economic modelling; curriculum development; and public health prevention program design. We have led research studies to understand stigma; understand how health professionals learn, and map the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of infectious disease prevention programs. Using our deep skill and knowledge set we endeavour to deliver services to help you keep your workers safe, and avoid disruptions. Stirling Public health is the preeminent public health providers of: 1) Public health courses; 2) Quantitative modelling for disease outcomes 3) Consulting and strategic partnerships for health research and 4) Policy development

Forming and Maintaining Strategic Partnerships

We work with other innovative people, in the interest of health

We work side-by-side with others in our communities to bring new innovations to people who need them. Our team offers advice, guidance and business support to bring products and ideas to where they are needed most.

Check out our selection of courses for people working to improve health in the community.

We have a team of public health and health care specialists with decades of experience and skills to meet your public health education needs.

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The Application to Reduce Communicable Diseases in Churches

​ IMPROVING government and public confidence in congregations now and for the future; COMMUNICATING to the community that you take their health and safety seriously; ACCELERATING the return to public services

Our Services

Our Public Health specialists offer advice and support in a whole range of areas related to public health and community care. We will help to ensure organizational continuity, for a healthier and more satisfied workforce. We can provide templates for policies and procedures and review of existing documentation to ensure risks are identified and mitigations are in place.

  • Work with your community health staff to train, guide and advise

  • Do on site consulting and assessments for risk assessment or monitorring

  • Act as expert witnesses on public health and disease control issues

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